Accessibility Reforms in Mallorca

Expertos en reformas para la accesibilidad de viviendas en Mallorca

There is no doubt that one of the biggest problems that we can find, when reforming an old house, is accessibility. Many homes, with a minimum age of 10-15 years, do not meet the most suitable characteristics for people with mobility problems.

For a long time, great emphasis has been placed on accessibility in order to provide a fully equipped home and for anyone. In this sense, at ViveComoKieras we are experts in reforms for the accessibility of homes in Mallorca.

Need to create accessible spaces


Since the entry into force of the General Law for People with Disabilities and their Social Inclusion in 2013, the need to create accessible spaces for people with reduced mobility has been warned.

As a general rule, these types of spaces have been limited to public works, such as the street, as well as to neighboring communities and their common spaces. In the same way, special emphasis has been placed on reforms of single-family homes or flats that have been focused on achieving this objective.

We analyze each case to see what reform is necessary to improve accessibility


All these types of works can be interesting not only for people with reduced mobility, but also for a possible investor for this type of housing. A flat or a single-family home can see its market value significantly increased if it meets all kinds of requirements.

We take care of the preliminary study. We analyze each case to see what reform is necessary to improve accessibility, from the entrance to the home, to within it. Thus, the accessibility reform can be the inclusion of stair lifts or ramps in a community, but also reach more specific aspects of each home, such as the reform of a bathroom, without going any further.

En ViveComoKieras, we guarantee affordable homes with no mobility problems.

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