Administrative Management in Mallorca

Administrative management of real estate properties in Mallorca

In any real estate transaction, it is more than necessary to have everything tied up. Very tied up. In this regard, we must take into account all the procedures that must be carried out with the administration, regardless of whether we are talking about a simple rental or a property registration, after a purchase.

It is obvious that collecting all the documentation, as well as carrying out the corresponding administrative procedures, must follow some guidelines and that, in the event that they are not complied with, the sanctions can be very important. You already know how administrative sanctions are!

Therefore, it is best to have authentic experts in the administrative management of real estate in Mallorca, such as ViveComoKieras.

Thus, there are many services, within the administrative management on the Majorcan island. For example, for a sale or purchase of an apartment or for a rental, experience in the sector can be of great help to the proper drafting and processing of a contract.

In the same way, to have everything in order, with regard to the registration of a new property, it is necessary to carry out the real estate project, in order to register it in the cadastre.

We offer you the services and administrative procedures you need

However, administrative management in the real estate sector can be much broader. In this sense, it can be of great help to carry out all the procedures related to neighboring communities, such as in the case of a community reform, or the processing of works for a reform of a specific home.

In some cases, administrative management services may be required to produce reports for general urban planning plans (PGOU).

As you can see, administrative management in Mallorca is very important for any real estate transaction.

If you need some administrative management services for real estate in Mallorca, trust an expert company in the field, such as ViveComoKieras.

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