Apartments and Houses of Banks of Mallorca

Bank opportunities in Mallorca

There are many opportunities in the real estate market in Mallorca. Due to the financial crisis in 2008, the banks ended up with a large real estate park, made up of endless flats and houses.

Even today, many of these properties, on the Balearic island, continue to belong to the banks, which are looking to get rid of these properties. For this reason, an interesting option, both for living and for investing, may be the acquisition of bank houses and flats.

If your house has become too small, or you need to move, at ViveComoKieras we offer you the best houses and bank apartments available in Mallorca, for you to start your new life at a different place.

If you are considering buying a flat because you are in an area with high demand or concentration of properties, the best option is to buy a bank house. These types of homes usually go on the market with attractive prices. This is due to the fact that financial institutions want to give these floors a quick exit. For this reason, they tend to last little due to their low price, compared to the real estate market.

In addition, the bank itself can offer you very advantageous financing, compared to the acquisition of a flat from a private individual. In some cases, the financing of an apartment or bank can reach 100% of the price of the property, with conditions much higher than the usual purchase of a home.

We help you find your flat and house in Mallorca

Also, if you are thinking of making an investment in the real estate market, be it on a small or large scale, the real estate assets of the banks can imply a more than notable reduction, with respect to the apartments and houses of private owners. Therefore, with the same investment, more properties can be acquired, with greater possibilities of obtaining a return to the medium and long term. Although the offer is somewhat limited, we take care of finding the best option that suits your needs. We look for the bank houses and apartments that may interest you the most, in Mallorca..

At ViveComoKieras, we find the best apartment and bank house opportunities for you.

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