Comprehensive home renovations in Mallorca

Do you need a comprehensive reform for your home in Mallorca?

There are houses with enormous potential, but which have been built a long time ago. The distribution of spaces and rooms, as well as the new concepts of energy efficiency and design, have made them totally obsolete.


If you have a home with these characteristics, either because you are going to buy it or because you have decided that you have to give your home a new look, it is clear that what you need is a comprehensive reform. Luckily, at ViveComoKieras we have extensive experience in comprehensive home renovations.

A good comprehensive reform increases the value of the home


It does not matter what your objective is, whether to invest in a house or direct it to live. A comprehensive reform, well carried out, significantly increases the value of the house in the market, so if you are looking for opportunities in the market, not only can you increase the sale price of the property, it is also much more likely that you can sell it much faster.

In contrast, a property without reform has a very adjusted market price, so it is recommended not to skimp on making a major reform that involves changes in the most intrinsic facilities of the house (pipes and electricity), such as the inclusion of quality materials, such as kitchen and bathroom furniture.

Comprehensive reform and energy efficiency


In the same way, aspects of the home that are now much more valued can be modified, such as creating open spaces and following environmental guidelines for energy efficiency, something highly valued by potential buyers, by significantly reducing monthly spending.

At ViveComoKieras, we first analyze the home and its possibilities, even before its purchase, in order to see what comprehensive reform it needs. Depending on the objective of the buyer and his needs, we evaluate each of the aspects of the reform and how it can benefit, contact us without obligation!

At ViveComoKieras,we adapt to your needs so that you get the house of your dreams.

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