New construction projects in Mallorca

Do you want the home of your dreams?
New construction projects, the solution!

If you are thinking about acquiring a property, either to live or to invest, surely different options have crossed your mind, such as new construction projects.

While it is true that, for a few years, the new construction has been quite paralyzed, it is still an excellent option for a new home. If what you are looking for is the home of your dreams or even an investment with a short-term profit, a new construction project is perfect..


New construction projects are easy to pay


One of the advantages of the new construction is that you have a total capacity to choose the house of your dreams. In a promotion of new construction, you can choose the apartment and even choose the distribution of the property in advance, being previously aware of all the comforts of the house and the community in which it is located. You also have the ability to choose the finishes.

In addition, new construction projects have better flexibility and ease in payments, since you have an “extra” time from when you choose the floor, until its construction is completed.

We have extensive experience in managing new construction projects in Mallorca


As we have already mentioned, in new construction it is usually conceived to enter to live, but it can also be to invest. Thus, when buying the apartment off plan, the value of the house increases as the building rises. In this way, it appreciates after a few years.

At ViveComoKieras, we have extensive experience in managing new construction projects. We work with different real estate developers to get the house of your dreams./p>

If you have any questions and are looking for a new-build home in Mallorca, you can contact us, without any kind of commitment!

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