Partial home renovations in Mallorca

You are thinking of a partial reform. Living room, kitchen, bathroom …?

In the real estate market, we can find homes that are already quite old and that were very well built in their day. However, in some aspects it has been possible to become outdated, such as in the distribution of the living room or the change of bathroom or kitchen, you can be thinking of changing part of the house.


In this sense, the best solution is obviously a partial housing reform. Thanks to this, with a series of specific reforms, we achieve the same effect as with a comprehensive reform, to get a totally new home! At ViveComoKieras, we have extensive experience in the redesign and partial reform of homes in Mallorca, with which to get an excellent property, ready to live or to invest in the real estate market.

A partial home renovation may be the solution


Partial renovations are recommended for homes with proven construction quality, such as having a good electrical system or plumbing and pipes. Changing certain aspects of the home, such as changing the kitchen for a more modern one or the bathroom, the result can be perfect.

If what you are looking for is a real estate investment in Mallorca, the partial reform of the house can be of great help. With such a tight market price, especially in that of second-hand housing, giving it a new touch and adapting to the new trends in open spaces is a great need. The partial reform should serve to scrupulously follow the guidelines to achieve greater energy efficiency.

We analyze the property and see what type of reform is appropriate


With all these changes, you can ensure you have a property with a higher profit margin, in case of rent or sale. In other words, it constitutes an excellent revaluation resource.

At ViveComoKieras, we analyze the property to see exactly the type of reform that may suit you to improve its market price. We know the real estate market like the back of our hand and we know what they demand, so we adapt so that you can get the most out of your investment.


At ViveComoKieras,we adapt to your needs so that you get the house of your dreams.

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