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Real estate services for luxury homes and villas in Mallorca

The real estate market in Mallorca has changed, in an outstanding way, in recent years. It is a market where getting to buy or sell a property, profitably, can be much more complex than before.

In addition to the real estate transaction itself, everything must be done following a series of rules and procedures that must be known in advance. Doing everything correctly and at the right times is key to guaranteeing the perfect procedure.

For this reason, having the work and advice of a company with extensive experience in real estate services in Mallorca is extremely important..

At ViveComoKieras, we have been able to see how the real estate market in Mallorca has changed in recent years and what a person needs when looking for one or more properties on the island, regardless of whether we are talking about a purchase or rental to move into immediately, or if it is desired with the objective of investing in the market.

Whatever your goal might be, we have a series of real estate services that will help you, from the first step, to carrying out the real estate work with total success.

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The most demanded real estate services in Mallorca refer to real estate consulting. In fact, there is a wide range of services, where the most basic ones are found, such as the evaluation of real estate or real estate appraisal.

However, there are other very useful services, aimed at individuals, such as advice for the purchase of an apartment or the search for mortgage financing, but also for investors, such as the study of the real estate market.

Regardless of your objective, at ViveComoKieras, we adapt to your needs and offer you all the real estate services that you could ever think of in Mallorca, in order that you get the property that you want, for the best price, and best comfort options.

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for luxury homes and villas in Mallorca

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Real Estate Consulting

Building Consulting

Due Diligence

Real Estate Advice

Administrative management

Real estate market studies

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