Rehabilitation of houses in Mallorca

Do you have an old house in Mallorca that needs a reform?

In our country, we have a large real estate market. Of course, a high percentage of it corresponds to old houses that need a reform, either to create a habitable home, in accordance with the new times, or to look for a home as an investment in the future.


Indeed, many houses have a very special charm, due to their old façade and their architectural style. However, the interior of the house may lack certain elements so that we enjoy all the comfort that a home deserves.

Rehabilitate your home and create the space you are looking for


You know what we are talking about. From an inadequate distribution of spaces, to an already obsolete electrical or plumbing installation that can give us real headaches, there can be numerous aspects to get the best rehabilitation of a home.

In this sense, it is necessary to make a thorough analysis of the home, to carry out the reform that best suits your needs. Thus, you may be looking for a home to live with your family or as a couple, in a neighborhood with a cheaper market price, to later rehabilitate the home and create the space you were looking for.

We carry out a comprehensive housing rehabilitation


Another option is to buy a home at a lower price, with the aim of revaluing it thanks to rehabilitation work, either to rent later, or to finally sell it and make a profit. Regardless of your objective, at ViveComoKieras we carry out a detailed study of the home and everything you need to get the home you want.

At ViveComoKieras, we carry out a comprehensive home renovation, in order to ensure that all the requirements of the most recent regulations are met.

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